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A dose of reality with a helping of fantasy

I opened Four Color Comics in July of 1992 but in actuality, I had been buying and selling comics for many years before that. I read my first comic almost forty years before Four Color’s inception and so grew up with these books. I fondly remember how important they were to me as a child. I am convinced that I learned to read, by reading those comics! Even in my late teens and college years, while my friends had long given up reading and collecting comics, I still couldn’t put them down. While doing homework, I would also be reading a comic, while writing a paper; a comic was always nearby for distraction. That’s how I made it through college- a dose of reality with a helping of fantasy.

Fast forward

Fast forward to today and my new website. I have included movie posters and comic artwork as well as other collectibles to make it more interesting for you: the fan and collector. I had also, for the first time, decided to share with you my own collection of movie posters. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I do. I have commingled them with posters that are for sale the difference being my collection is not priced. Also on display here are my collection of EC covers that were lent to GEM, Steve Geppi’s museum at Camdom Yards. The same holds true with my collection of art, material for sale is priced, my collection is not.


I want to thank Ryan Trotz and Mai Miyamoto for their work and creativity in developing this site. If you are thinking of developing a site and want to reach him, contact us and we will put you in touch.

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